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  • WP-NCR & WP-NC Crane Cages

    Designed in strict accordance of Australian Standard AS1418.17 & Workcover design registration, these robust crane cages are suitable for carrying a maximum of up to four people at a time.

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  • Drum Handling Equipment - Hydraulic & Non-Hydraulic

    East West Engineering produces an array of both hydraulic and non-hydraulic drum handling attachments to suit your forklift and your budget. Whether you want rotate, pour, or simply lift your drums, we have the right attachment for the job.

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  • Storage Cages, Stillage Cages & Pallet Cages

    We have a range of storage cages featuring different options to cater for various warehouse and storage requirements. Most models are foldable making them convenient for transport or storing when not in use.

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  • Reduced Pricing - Expanded Range

    We've reduced pricing on our 360 degree hydraulic rotators. Additionally, we've introduced a new Class IV model to our range. Contact East West Engineering today for more information on our 360 degree rotators along with the rest of our hydraulic attachment range. *Fork tines sold separately

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  • Remote Fuel access made easy

    The mobile DC125EL diesel fuel tank provides an economical solution to your fuel transfer requirements. Self-bunded with a fuel capacity of 1000 litres, the waterproof enclosure allows outside placement and is fitted standard with a tamper proof locking bracket. Forklift access is provided under the tank and crane lugs over allowing movement of the tank when fully fuelled. Tie down points are fitted for positive securing of the diesel tank during transport

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  • Forklift Tipping Bins suitable for Crane

    WFH & WFL Forklift Tipping bins provide an economical solution for the collection and disposal of industrial waste. The 'WFH' series bins feature a self-dumping design while the 'WFL' series utilises a lever release mechanism. Both options feature a low profile design allowing versatility in confined spaces along with crane lifting lugs for overhead lifting fitted as standard.

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  • Wheelie Bin Tippers for Forklift

    East West Engineering has a comprehensive range of forklift attachments for lifting and tipping wheelie bins. Designed to forgo manual handling and thereby make rubbish disposal safer, quicker, and easier. We have models suitable for forklifts fitted with carriage rotators as well as conventional carriage arrangements.

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  • BTF100 Hydraulic Forward Bulk Bin Tipper

    The BTF100 Forward Bin Tipper is designed for the fast, efficient and safe emptying of bins as commonly used in the manufacturing, agriculture, and fresh produce industries. The east to use design enables either forklift or tractors to simply drive in to the fork pockets then attach the quickconnect hoses in seconds. Requires only one hydraulic function to operate and is ideally suited for the plastic bins commonly used in agriculture and food processing applications

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  • 660L & 1100L bin tipping for forklift and crane

    Designed for the safe and efficient emptying of 660 litre or 1100 litre wheelie bins. Manufactured in accordance with relevant Australian Standards and suitable for operation using either forklift or overhead crane.

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  • IBC Spill Bin with Tilter for safe, easy dispensing

    The East West Engineering RT-IBC-1250 spill bin plus spring tilter is designed to effortlessly allow full discharge of liquid from an intermediate bulk container while offering environmental protection against spillage. As the volume of liquid within the IBC decreases the spring mechanism of the tilter raises the rear of the container up to 10 degrees

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  • 1.5 cubic metre Upright Concrete Kibble

    Designed for easy transfer of concrete on site by overhead crane. Volume capacity of 1.5 cubic metres. Lightweight, heavy duty Kibble for both bottom or side discharge with the use of the adjustable chute. Lever operated from either side, allowing flexible operation. Fitted with forklift pockets for transport purposes about the work site. Also available in 0.5 and 1.0 cubic metre capacity units.

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  • Pallet Handling Made Easy

    The TPQ20D Pallet Inverter provides safe and effortless rotation of pallet loads where exchange of pallets or inversion is required. Ideal for food manufacturers or any 'dust-sensitive' application, allowing timber pallets to be swapped for 'clean room' compliant steel or plastic pallets used in processing area.

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  • BSN-6 Brick cage now available with extended height

    East West Engineering's BSN-6 Brick & Block cage is now available in an extended height model. Type: BSN-6H Brick and Block cage is suitable for 1200mm square pallets while allowing for pallets of up to 1700mm in height. Long established as the industry standard for conveying pallets of bricks and loose goods by overhead crane, the BSN-6 along with the BSN-6H are supplied standard as flatpack but can be offered in welded assembled configuration if required.

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